Shawl “Spring”

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Birds “Voloshky”, which are the logo of the brand Naїv by kOCHIna, fly to the Motherland to meet spring.

Flying in the sky, they feel all the shades and moods of spring, which became the names of the 3 colours of the shawl: frosty and refreshing spring; spring‚ warmed by the sun; spring of a flowering period.

  • composition: 7% cashmere, 93% modal 
  • size 135*135 cm
  • production Italy
  • Size:
  • Color:
    [:uk]Весна морозно-освіжаюча[:ru]Весна морозно-освежающая[:en]Frosty and refreshing spring[:]
    [:uk]Весна періоду цвітіння[:ru]Весна периода цветения[:en]Spring of a flowering period[:]
    [:uk]Весна, зігріта сонцем[:ru]Весна, согретая солнцем[:en]Spring, warmed by the sun[:]
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Shawl “Spring”


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Spring, warmed by the sun, Frosty and refreshing spring, Spring of a flowering period




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