About brand

The author and founder of the brand NAЇV by kOCHIna is an artist Kateryna Kochyna. She was born in Ukraine, in Kyiv, where she graduated from an art school, graphic design and fashion illustration courses. She studied in Italy, in Milan at the Instituto di Moda Burgo and received a diploma in the design of accessories and jewelry.

In 2020 she began her creative project from the development of original prints and making exclusive headscarves, accessories and founded the brand NAЇV by kOCHIna. It combines original ethno illustration and exquisite fabrics. The collections of NAЇV interpret Ukrainian traditions and culture, the beauty of the native land, which are reinterpreted by the author through a naїve style of art, in a modern original vision.

Prints are transferred to premium fabrics: silk, wool, cashmere. The production takes place in Ukrainian and Italian factories, namely in the city of Como, known as “the city of silk”. In Como silk production began in the fifteenth century with the use of raw materials from the Far East. To this day, Como is famous for its excellent quality in silk production.

Headscarves NAЇV by kOCHIna are made of luxurious silk twill – a type of textile weaving that is easy to identify by a special weave of threads. Silk twill has a shiny and pearly look due to a combination of twill weaving and natural strength of silk providing an excellent quality of products. Each product is made with care and attention to detail. The brand NAЇV by kOCHIna creates exclusive prints and products that can be passed from one generation to another.

Uniqueness in simplicity is a central idea of ​​the brand. To achieve it, the search for the idea of ​​illustration sometimes takes a long time, then it is materialized with the help of digital art tools, it is made with high quality and handcrafted by Italian and Ukrainian craftsmen.


To create collections the author carries out a culturological search, she is inspired by Ukrainian traditions, holidays and the beauty of nature


All headscarves and accessories are made of natural premium fabrics: silk, wool, cashmere. The production takes place in factories of Italy and Ukraine


The design of all accessories reproduces Ukrainian values and traditions in a modern original vision, interprets the headscarf as a fashion accessory


Each product is presented in an exclusive box with a branded ribbon, a unique postcard telling about the brand.



Inspiration and idea. Inspiration for collections is the beauty of nature, Ukrainian holidays, traditions and culture that the author interprets in a modern original vision through a naїve art style.


Design creation. Exclusive author’s prints are created by means of modern digital art instruments.


Design is transferred to premium fabrics: silk twill‚ which has a shiny and pearly look‚ wool, cashmere‚ cotton. The process of production takes place in factories in Ukraine and Italy, the city of Como.


Нand-rolled and -hemmed. The edges of each headscarf are sewn and stitched by hand by craftsmen.

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